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7 Jul It's hard to keep a secret in Hollywood. With constant media scrutiny, tabloid headlines and up-to-the-minute updates on social media, even the most hush-hush celeb facts are pretty well-known. And to honor these lesser-known tidbits, we've scrounged up the most shocking celebrity. 6 Sep “The Great Gatsby is as much as anything a novel about appearances, about Gatsby remaking himself from J. Gatz to the Great Gatsby by putting on the right clothes, by living in the right mansion.” ~ Neal Gabler. What makes someone a “ Celebrity” in ? Talent? Looks? Skills? Luck? Endurance?. 1 Feb With TokenStars being a talent management platform on blockchain, we are always striving to know more about celebrities. We were curious to find out what they think about all the hype around blockchain — and if they think about it at all. The number of real crypto-enthusiasts among celebs is growing.


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