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From macabre crypts to haunted castles to ghostly ship wrecks, this article shows the 13 creepiest places in Europe to see on your gap year. It will scrutinise adoption against two alternative scenarios: to abstain from actions at the EU level, or to devise an EU-wide semantic interoperability framework alternative without SNOMED CT. analysed the impact of SNOMED CT adoption from a socio-economic viewpoint, encompassing management, business. Healing is central to many religious traditions for reasons too complex to address in this context, but it is integral to pagan European traditions and remains so in Christianizing Europe. So in addition to places, figures shift from pagan healers to healing saints. One collection of such healing saints emerges from Celtic Wales. asses europe Have you recently read an amusing comment out of the states? Of course you have! Post it here. This is a satire sub to have a laugh at amusing comments, from Reddit and beyond, that are uniquely American in nature. This is not a place to bring your hatred of Americans or America- we like to keep things. ON ASSES. My Oberon, what visions have I seen, Mcthought l was cnamoured of an Ass! Stun. Procul este profani! Avaunt ye witlings, who with gibes and jeers would turn my honest conceptions into mockery. I address not ye; no, nor the poor human butts on whom ye break your poorer jests, “ though by your smiling ye. During the third century, under the pressure of the Punic Wars, the weight of the as was progressively reduced to more manageable levels, and by the late third century gold and silver coins were also being struck; the coinage was now based on the silver denarius, worth 10 bronze asses; around bc it was re-tariffed at .