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Homosexuality is not "natural", that is, it does not exist in nature; therefore, this proves it is dysfunctional. Lesbian/gay people (Note: Discuss how members of "popular" subcultures tend to "look alike" and "act alike", such as: members of fraternities and sororities; administrators; athletes; punkers and new wavers; etc.) 2. 10 Nov For these and other reasons there has long been debate about the true nature of this Greek custom - what the Greeks called eros, a "passionate life-churning love" , or philia, "fond intimacy". . Greek homosexuality was like adolescent horseplay , frat-house initiations or prison rape. It was like male monkeys. fraternity in the country to add sexual orientation to our non-discrimination statement, much to the chagrin of some In closing, I am hopeful that being gay in a college fraternity will increasingly become a non-issue. heterosexuality is the only natural, normal, acceptable orientation” (p. ). Likewise, they defined.


Nature or Nurture - Are People Born Gay?

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The question of what leads to homosexuality in the first place, however, is obscure, even to the experts. Feb 3, [Last accessed on Apr 21]. Lesbian and Gay Studies: fraternity gay natural