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29 Mar Standing first on the list is Italy. Italian men are good looking and extremely handsome. They seem to be out of some glossy and glamorous fashion magazine. Click the next ARROW to see the next image! BackNext. SHARE. Facebook · Twitter. Previous articleTop 10 Weird European Foods. Next article Top. 26 Feb A fine list with great actors! These are my favorite ones! I already made a list with the most handsome British/Irish actors and French actors, so in this list there are European actors from the other countries. I love cinema and television and therefore I really enjoy making lists here! Although you might disagree. 1 Feb I've seen so many articles in the internet, talking about where to find beautiful girls in Europe so I told myself, why not writing about where to find the handsome guys?! As a non-European girl, I'm pretty sure I can be quite objective when it comes to writing this list. Please note that everything I wrote here.


HOTTEST GUYS ON THE PLANET 2017 The title is supposed to say (the most handsome men in Europe) the forum is full of posts about which country has the most beautiful women, well it's. I only know Western Europe. For me the country that has the highest percentage ( i.e. not the most number) of handsome men is Spain: 1. Most men are slim and not pasty-skinned 2. Most men carry themselves with confidence and good posture 3. They ha. Now when you think about a summer holiday destination, Eastern Europe isn't necessarily the first place that springs to mind. Its rich history, medieval beauty and fairytale castles are usually pictured under a thick layer of white snow. But in countries where winter temperatures drop below freezing, summer is when they truly. handsome europe