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28 Oct It was at least the third fatal hazing case at Chico State in the past decade, but the first case resulting in any felony convictions, according to District Attorney Mike Unable to get through his own written address, the deceased pledge's stepfather, Greg Smith, had his cousin, Rich Smith, read it for him. 1 Jul The investigation concluded that hazing was to blame. Villa's mother and stepfather filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the university, school administrators and the fraternity, alleging negligence and hazing. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages. "We're just. 5 Oct Death of Penn State fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza triggers anti-hazing bill http ://westegg.co timothy-piazza-triggers-pennsylvania-anti-hazing-n?cid=eml_onsite BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A Pennsylvania lawmaker has proposed a bill.


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A summary of the investigation released by the university said Villa died after a hike named the Super Awesome Weekend. And who, if anybody, refused to let him out? Hours passed from the hospital's first call to Carrington's parents before hazing stepfather learned how he died. It was a local. Gay oral stripper flowed freely as relatives and close friends of the deceased pledge, all wearing his favorite color red, and sporting buttons with Matt Carrington's picture, remembered him fondly in court and denounced the way he died. If seven or eight states have deterred this type of thing by having a law enacted, why shouldn't we all do it? The Butte County courtroom of Judge Stephen Benson was awash in red, the color worn by family and friends of Matthew Carrington to honor . hazing stepfather Fraternity. Hazing. Debbie. Smith. with. Stacey. Kennelly. As. you will learn, Wednesday, February 2, , was the most horrific day of my life. But first some back story. , when my husband, Greg—Matt's stepfather— received a call that something terrible had happened and that Matt was in a hospital in Chico. Greg in. 10 Jan Boston — Chuck Stenzel was the sort of young man who gave long hair a good name. "He's just one of the finest young people I know," exclaimed a neighbor who still found it difficult to talk of him in the past tense. Chuck lived in Sayville, Long Island, with his mother and stepfather, Eileen and Roy Stevens. 5 Sep "Hazing is an awful practice. It cost our son his life. And it ought to be banned across the country," Villa's mother, Betty, and stepfather, Joseph Serrato, said. The death prompted administrators this summer to announce new guidelines for Greek organizations and other clubs, including that they submit.