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14 Apr I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and I asked about his first impression of me. With a smile, he told me that I, among other things, "talk like a white girl," am "white-girl friendly" and have an "overall white-girl vibe." He meant t. The latest Tweets from White Girl Talk (@WhiteGirlTalk). Just like you, only, like cuter. For business: [email protected] NY/LA. 2 Aug Like I said in the video, I'm sorry for no video last week I made one but it decided not to upload. And comment below if you think you should be called Tessi.


I Talk Like a White Girl Creating intimate conversations on college campuses about self-worth, body image, and relationships. We want to be the best women we can be. Get involved . 5 Oct I can't escape it. From Newport News, VA., to the Southeast Bronx, all the way to St. Louis, MO., and again in Atlanta, GA., it keeps following me. Whether it's uttered in disgust or exclaimed in surprise, those six little words always find their way into my ears. “You talk like a white girl.” When I was little. 20 Jul If Miles called you, could you tell he was black? I give great phone. Chalk it up to the fact that I spent many a summer afternoon as a child hanging around whatever office my mom was working in at the time, thus eavesdropping on several different types of professional "phone voices," that my mom could slip. white girl talk