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Helpful video instructions for removing and replacing your toilet DIY style. If you need to replace a toilet, these video instructions will help. LESLIE: Jan in Texas, you've got The Money Pit. How can we help you today? JAN: We have a – it's a very small bathroom and they had built a tile shower in this – like the middle of the room. And I want to know if you can change the places where the shower and the toilet are: if you can just reverse them and use the. Showers and toilets have one thing in common: plumbing. And while you can't always interchange things in a home when working on a remodel project, you can convert your shower into an area for a toilet simply by doing some demolition and remodel work, along with replacing the plumbing. After that, you can move the.

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Your name or email address: Remove the bolt caps from the base of the toilet and take out the closet bolts.