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College parties just wouldn't be the same if students never threw theme parties! Theme parties give all the college girls a good excuse to dress up sexy and slutty for a fun night ahead. On the other hand, theme parties are the necessity that forces guys to dress up for a change. These parties let us all show our creativity and. Sliding into the top ten this year, the University of Colorado – Boulder didn't make rank the top ten on last year's party schools list. The school is home to nearly 28, undergraduate students, 92 percent of which are full time students. The school ranked on other lists, too: #12 on the “College City Gets High Marks” list and. 12 Sep If you weren't the type of person to go to parties in high school, you probably thought that the kids who did were, in some form or fashion, bad news. That assumption kind of gets flipped on its head once you enter college, where the vast majority of students attend parties on a regular basis even if they.


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Directed by Patrick Johnson. With Nate Rubin, Kris Kiley, Brina Palencia, Kim Foster. Shaquille has grown up below the radar and believes that his ticket to a better life lies in throwing a college party. All hell breaks loose as Shaq tries to fix the party--and his future. Dr. Richard Yost, director of the AMA's Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, said, "The Princeton Review should be ashamed to publish something for students and parents that fuels the false notion that alcohol is central to the college experience and that ignores the dangerous consequences of high-risk drinking. 27 Feb You may have partied in high school, but a college party is on a different level, and you need to make sure you're prepared.