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In total, three separate videos were made for "Flashing Lights" with the one aired on television being the third and final version. The third music video was first unveiled before an audience of two hundred guests at the Entertainment Weekly Grammy Award after-party on February 10, 26 Mar We have to be perfectly honest here: when we first heard about the DotStone Music LED Strip Lights, we thought the concept was a little silly. Once we installed a pair of the company's light strips and tried the music sync feature though, we were instantly singing a different tune. 16 Mar This is a fairly simple project for anyone with some electronic skills. Plug this circuit into an audio source and the LEDs will blink to the rhythm of the music.

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Always use a GFCI on any circuit that is outside, including your lights, for your safety and the wild amateurs straight of the public. Archived from the original on February 14, There is also free software available for Do-It-Yourself systems see the links section. This switch will NOT bypass the solid state relay and allow the lights to be turned on and off for flashing with music. Flashing music works with locked screen. Surprise your friends with bright color strobing lights and blinking LED flashing lights! flashing music